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Purple Bush-Chan
Artist | Hobbyist | Other

Rhiannon - 13 - She/Her/Herself - Gemini

Rhi, Woodland, Rhu, Rue, Miss Zuipperpips, Ms. Peixes, Sugoi-sama, Nightscratch the Sparkledog, Dr Dre Motherfucker, and LITERALLY A PURPLE BUSH????????????

Hi, I'm Rhi! I'm a teenaged aspiring artist with about a million OCs and 0% motivation. You can talk to me about Homestuck anytime, and if you exist I'm probably willing to do an art trade so never be afraid to ask!

I'm very awkward and bad at socialization so if I don't respond to you right away, give it a few days. I'm probably dying inside while trying to figure out what to say! :)

PLEASE CRITICIZE MY ART! I want as many tips as I can get, just please don't pester me about a tiny thing for hours, especially if it's something I've told you I can't change. Also, make sure to read the description so as to not point out something I've already pointed out myself, because there's no point in telling me something I already know!

Art Inspirations:
:iconikimaru-art: :iconghost-and-pals: :icontigercubmia: :icontourniiquett: :iconsinnersarewinners::iconlordyham: :iconyoukah: :iconpaintsplatkat: :iconmystsaphyr: :iconi-am-your-lord:

:iconyoukah: :iconluchniak: :iconpaintsplatkat: :iconlordyham: :iconkaijinkyn: :iconspleenpasties: :iconshinamari: :iconwaaaytooamateur: :iconqueenpeacekitty: :iconimightchangethename: :iconthelastartiststandin:


:iconpaintingrainb0ws: (Little brother who takes adorable cat photos)

:iconcelestialghost8: (Older brother who does whatever the hell you call his stuff)

Proud supporter of Rosemary Stamp by xXHussie-ChanXx RoseMary by shurshur Red RoseMary Pixel (V.2) by Strider-Stamps Red Rosemary Stamp by 1nklash .:Kanaya+Rose:. Matesprit by Eri-Ampora pairings - RoseKan by Nerdy-Stamps

(I'm not obsessed what on earth are you talking about)

Clump of Homestuck stamps because I'm trash:

Homestuck Trash Stamp by That-Black-Rabbit Roxy Lalonde FanStamp by That-Black-Rabbit CALIBORN STAMP by cheapkrabs Stamp: Terezi by Shendijiro god tier john stamp by rynald vriska stamp 2 by rynald Wayward Vagabond Stamp by rynald The final stamp by Dametora Dave Strider Stamp by Krackat


Frick I mentioned Benjamin's little sister Avery and now I want to draw her but I jUST WENT TO BED
Have some fun facts about Isabella Cabrillo:

I legitimately don't know when, where, and how I came up with her. She just wasn't there at one point, and then at some point she existed.

It may have been when I was listening to a song with someone telling a story and I wanted someone to be there telling the story to the others, but I'm pretty sure she was there before that because I remember coming up with this whole thing where she came to the restaurant that her cousin Adam and his best friend Benjamin were working at and Adam was really excited but then everything went to hell because I used to be really really cruel to poor Adam.

Also, Adam and Izzy weren't originally cousins, they were meant to be siblings. But then I realized that having someone as wonderful and supportive as Izzy being so close to Adam would result in less suffering. Also I realized it was weird that Izzy could speak Spanish and Adam couldn't. And also it was weird that Adam was abused by his mother but Izzy was fine???? It's not like his mother is prone to favoritism she just hates everything.

Now she's his cousin on his dad's side. She's on the good and sane side of the family.

She was engaged at one point, but her fiancee died. I only just named her fiancee today, and her name is Jennifer Garland, Jenny for short.
thediamondclubreboot.smackjeev… yes hello hi here is my comic

therere only 3 pages so far because its not tuesday yet

content warning for probably some mildly bad language and definitely death and also magic and violence and witchcraft and demons and not to mention iTS GONNA BE GAY

at some point

if i actually get to the part where the characters meet before forgetting about it

let me know youre reading it in order to keep my motivation going because a lack of readers was legitimately what killed the last one and not me realizing how bad it was
There's a spider that lives in my window

I haven't named him but he's pretty friendly and hasn't tried to kill me yet

He lives in the corner of my window that's right near my head when I sleep and honestly it's scarier to not know where he is than to see him in his web

The only real problem with him being there is that every time I open my window I damage his web and feel like a bad person
Hiyla Burgen has great art attached to her When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)  


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Choose 8 OCs of yours
Answer the questions based on the characters chosen
Tag some people at the end
Link back to the blank version

Now, choose your 8 OCs!

1. Adam Cabrillo
2. Benjamin Parker
3. Isabella Cabrillo
4. Stephanie Williams
5. Martin Atwood
6. Zacharie King
7. Robin Green
8. Jean Westmore

Then, answer these questions. Don't look ahead! That's no fun.

1. 6 and 4 are walking home, and find a stray puppy! Do they take it home with them, or do they bring it to a shelter?

Stephie would definitely want to take it to a shelter, and Zach would kick it if it got near him because he's terrified of dogs and generally a terrible person who is fine with kicking puppies.

2. 3, 7, and 2 get into a huge fight! What are they fighting about, and who ends up winning?

Well, Benji kinda lowkey hates Robin for no reason other than the fact that he's Adam's friend and seems to be more helpful to him than Benji is, which naturally makes him jealous. Because of this, the fight probably started with Robin helping Adam out, Benji starting to get jealous and angry at him, then because he's a dumbass accidentally saying something really rude, and then Izzy jumping in to defend him as Adam runs crying out of the room.

3. 1 wakes up to find that their entire bed had been moved onto the roof in the middle of the night! How did that happen, and who moved them up there?


4. 8 and 5 both buy scratch tickets to win $1,000,000, and 8 wins! What does 8 do with the money, and how does 5 react to this?

Nooooo dont give that asshole more moneyyyy

Martin doesn't really know Jean very well, so he probably doesn't care.

Jean would hide the money away and keep trying to get more because I think she has a legitimate problem

5. 7 gets a haircut that everyone disagrees with. What does their hair look like, and why does everyone dislike it?

He has this huge red curl that sticks off of his hair. He put it there because he wanted a change and it made him look "more noticeably gay", and everyone compliments him on it. The haircut would probably be removing that part, which he would never ever do anyway <3

6. 1 just bought a pet zebra, without the knowledge of 4, who's money they used to buy the zebra. What does 4 do about this?

Why would Adam ever want a zebra, and furthermore, why would he ever use Stephanie's money for it?

*sigh* Anyway, Stephie would keep it because she's absolutely crazy about animals.

7. 6 suddenly declares that they're moving to Scotland! Why is this, and what does everyone else have to say about it?

Zach gets drunk and says dumb things all the time. No one would take him seriously, and he wouldn't really do it.

8. Suddenly, everyone turns back into babies, except 2 and 5. 2 and 5 are left to take care of everyone else. How do they take care of them?


9. 3 comes home to see 7 gnawing on a chair, 6's legs sticking out of the ceiling, and 2 passed out with their head stuck in the fridge. What the heck happened?!

Who even knows what happened to Robin, but Zach probably climbed onto the roof/next floor and fell through somehow because he's a dumbass and Benjamin probably got drunk

10. 4 and 1 bring up the idea of everyone playing Truth or Dare, but both end up with some horrible dares! What do each of them have to do?


Adam is a gay man dating Stephanie's ex and she's dating his cousin and they're both fairly good friends and happy so god no

11. 7 is caught skipping school/work by 2. What does 2 have to say about this?

Robin works at the same place as everyone except Martin, Jean, and Zach. Everyone who would care knows.

12. 5 is up late playing their favorite video game, and is suddenly sucked into the screen! What game are they sucked into, and what do they do there?

Martin doesn't play video games

13. 8 walks into their room to find 6 eating all their clothes. Why is this happening, and what does 8 do about this?

He's probably drunk again, considering the fact that 90% of his time is spent drunk while the other 10% is spent being hungover and probably suicidal, and Jean would kick him out of her house and fix them with magic because Genie Perks TM

14. 2 decides to take a nap, but wakes up 20 years into the future! What is different, and how did they get there?

He wouldn't make it 20 years they'd pull the plug on his life support before he managed to wake up

15. 4 walks in on 1 practicing their favorite instrument, which they hide from everyone else. What do each of them do?

The instrument is acoustic guitar and since he's pretty good at it she would sit there and listen to him and swear not to tell anyone. He was also forced to learn piano by his mother but he has a lot of fairly traumatic memories from that so he doesn't ever want to play again

16. It's Christmas morning! Everyone got their presents but 3. Who hid 3's presents, and where? 

No one hid them, Izzy insisted that no one get her anything. She doesn't celebrate Christmas.

17. 5 sees 2 with their boy/girlfriend/friend and gets jealous. What do they do?

Wait is Benjamin supposed to be with his boyfriend or Martin's boyfriend? Because Martin is single :')

Oh well, if Martin were to get jealous of Adam and Benjamin he'd do nothing because the instant Zach finds out he's still single he'll break

18. 1 falls down the stairs and sprains their wrist. Who comes to their aid?

BENJAMIN TO THE RESCUEEEEE ANd probably Robin because hes a precious helpful child who loves everyone

19. Everyone goes out to a party and get drunk. What madness ensues?

Martin spends the whole time panicking and trying to figure out where Zach is, because he gets dangerous when he gets super drunk (he starts breaking glass and stabbing stuff dont get near him ever), Izzy and Stephie make out, Adam doesn't drink because he's still a recovering alcoholic and Benjamin also refrains from drinking to be supportive, Jean dances, and Robin probably tries (and succeeds) to pick up dudes

20. The meme's over! How does everyone feel about that?



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